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Isiri is a dream of 5 friends who wanted to provide fresh milk to their children.
Sitting across the dinner table when they were discussing healthy and organic food, they came across the thought of introducing fresh milk to their children.
The joy of watching their children drink pure milk encouraged the two mothers Divya Venkatesh and Shwetha Ravindranath to venture into buying their own cows and gradually expanding into other essentials which can be produced naturally.
They wanted to learn more about dairy farming and realized the importance of having pure and unadulterated milk.

Our Team

Shwetha Ravindranath
Strategic Visionary

Embark on a journey through the strategic mind of Shwetha, a pivotal figure driving Isiri Farms’ growth and innovation. Delve into her insights on strategic decisions, partnerships, and future plans, guiding the farm towards sustainable success with foresight and determination. Additionally, Shwetha spearheads the marketing realm at Isiri Farms, orchestrating diverse marketing initiatives, fostering engagements such as school and industry visits, and overseeing branding activities like social media marketing, digital marketing and also plays a key role in label designing, brand positioning and meticulous planning for new product launches. She also builds our company profile and also manages all the company related formalities and documentation.

Divya Venkatesh
Delivering Delight and core of Farm Operations

Divya, the heart and soul behind Isiri Farms’ smooth and efficient deliveries. She ensures that every product reaches customers with care and precision, embodying the farm’s commitment to quality and reliability. Simultaneously, Divya oversees the farm’s operations with precision and expertise, managing inventory and ensuring the smooth functioning of daily tasks. Her diligent efforts contribute to the efficiency and success of Isiri Farms, ensuring that every aspect of our operation runs seamlessly.

Customer Care Extraordinaire

Experience the unparalleled care and dedication provided by Mansi, the welcoming face of Isiri Farms’ customer service. Witness her commitment to ensuring every customer interaction is exceptional, embodying the farm’s ethos of personalized service and utmost satisfaction. Alongside her customer-centric role, Mansi plays a vital role in managing the farm’s backend operations like communications, e-commerce platforms, serving as the central liaison for app support, Payments, Reporting, facilitating seamless coordination within the Isiri team, and orchestrating engaging farm events that resonate with the audience.

Isiri first opened its doors only to their families and close friends, however the word spread fast and within a year they started delivering milk to 150 + houses in and around South Bangalore.
We now have more than 25 products and around 20 delivery boys.
We strongly believe in word of mouth and references but continuously thrive towards educating and creating awareness about pure and fresh milk. Today, Isiri is successfully able to penetrate into 500 + house holds for milk delivery and are catering to their daily essentials to more than 3500 homes.

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Off Kanakpura road, Thataguni, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560062