Why Isiri?

Isiri A2 Milk is fresh and pure milk produced by Desi Cows which are loved, cared and nurtured. Our cows are given fresh fodder , clean water , dry grass and medicinal plants in a happy environment.
Our milk is rich in protein and calcium which are required by both adult and children and helps in building immunity.
Our milk is free from any Adultrants, Preservatives or stablilizers and we do not give our cows any Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics and which makes it 100% natural.

Our cows graze in a controlled environment and do not feed to garbage and hotel waste on the roadside. Our cow’s feed is strictly controlled

Other products Isiri has ventured into is A2 Desi Cow Ghee and Wood press Oils.

As part of our sustainable initiative, we also utilize by-products such as cow dung and cow urine to create products like fragrant floor cleaners based on gomutra (cow urine), Jeevamrutha, Dhoopa sticks, and lamps made from cow dung, etc..

We grow our own chemical free fodder which helps maintain soil health and biodiversity. Maintaining diverse plant and animal species on the farm can improve ecosystem health and resilience. We also have a Turtle, Dogs, and some birds and other small animals visiting the farm.

Our Moto is to provide fresh and pure products to its customers.

The quality of good milk is reflected in the health and happiness of the cows. Happy cows are cared, nurtured and loved and this is evident in their behaviour.

Our USPs

⦁ Isiri delivers fresh milk everyday through our Direct-to-Door Milk Delivery chain in a glass bottle which is reusable and recyclable.
⦁ The bottles which are delivered to customers are collected back and goes through a thorough sterilisation process. We also have a bottle management and tracking system.
⦁ We have our own transparent delivery team who are trained, reliable and ensure utmost care and importance is given to hygiene and safety.
We have a support representative to address questions and resolve issues at any time.
Our cows are only Hand Milked making it Ethically sourced and cruelty free! We also play music to calm them.
⦁ We encourage our customers to visit the farm and get a first hand experience of the farm where they are able to gather more knowledge about the source of the milk they consume.

Isiri believes in building an ecosystem which has a transparent Dairy Supply Chain which is accessible to its customers. Our farm is strategically placed just in the reach of the city which makes it the closest A2 dairy farm of Bangalore making it locally produced milk. Having our own farm and own cows also make it Single Source milk which ensures quality standards.

Our Cows

Isiri inhabits only Desi cows which mostly comprises of the Gir Breed.
The Gir cow is mostly famous for its nutritious value in its milk and also well known for its hardiness and its adaptability. They are also gentle in their nature and are known to form friendships and bonds amongst themselves and also with us.
It is one of the most famous among Indian cow breeds.
Gir cows are good milk yielders.
The basic colour of the skin is white with dark red or brown patches and sometimes black with half-moon shaped horns.
Their ears are long and pendulous, opening to the front and
resembling a curled-up leaf. The flap under their neck is a unique identity to the Gir breed.
Their hump, known as Surya-kethu-nadi absorbs all the beneficial elements from the sun’s rays, which are then transferred into the milk.
Isiri also houses their own bull who was born at our farm and hence do not artificially inseminate our cows.
We pay respects to our cows every year by doing a Gau Pooja. It is a wholesome heartwarming event attended by many of our customers.

Our Process

⦁ Our cows are individually hand-milked.
⦁ After ensuring the milk is safe for consumption, we filter and cool it using a machine. This crucial step helps maintain the freshness of the milk.
⦁ Once we determine the quantity needed for the next day, we use our bottling machine to bottle only the required amount.
⦁ The milk is then cooled for several hours. This step is essential to prevent spoilage during delivery, as the milk is raw and temperature control is critical.
⦁ Our van arrives at the farm at 4:00 a.m. to load the milk and transport it to our distribution point.
⦁ Our dedicated team of delivery personnel collects the milk and delivers it to our customers, marking the deliveries in their app.

If its not Healthy..its not Food!!
A step towards better health
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